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LECORP is an innovative, engineering-oriented sales organization dedicated to servicing those industries who convey, process, load/unload, package and store dry bulk materials. We provide efficient, effective solutions to material processing, handling and environmental problems. The Systems Division marries design solutions with equipment and project management to offer one source project completion. Small or large, LECORP can solve your material handling needs.

Equipment sales and service is offered through the Agency Division. We represent an elite, broad base of manufacturers who are well known in their respective areas of equipment supply. We cover the areas of Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, and Mississippi.

General equipment LECORP can provide for material handling, process & dust control include:

Fluid Bed Vibratory conveyorMechanical Conveying

Belt conveyors, drag conveyors, apron conveyors, slat conveyors, roller conveyors, screw conveyors, vibrating conveyors, feeders, bucket elevators, and unit handling equipment.

Pneumatic Conveying

Dilute, dense phase designs, vacuum, vacuum/pressure systems, rotary airlocks, diverter valves, filter receivers, blower packages, piping/conveying elbows/couplings and accessories, venturi eductors for dry solids and slurry conveying.

Air Handling/Pollution Control

Industrial/centrifugal exhausters, pulse-jet, shaker dust collectors, high efficiency scrubbers and cyclones, precipitators, VOC removal systems, high temperature ceramic dust collectors, central vacuum cleaning.

Pollution Control Dust collection

Monitor Smart Scan level indicatorInstrumentation and Controls

Point level and continuous level/weight measurement systems with PC-based display and information gathering software. Ultrasonic, guided wave radar, strain-gauge, direct support, plumb-bob technologies.

Point level with vibratory, paddle, capacitance units. Flow detectors, dust alarms, aeration devices.

Bagging and Palletizing

Auger/air bag filling, bulk bag fill/discharge stands, box filling, form/fill/seal machines, bag placers. Bag/box fully automatic palletizing systems, stretch hooders, shrinkwrapping, pallet dispensers.

Processing Equipment

Crushing/Shredding systems, roller mills, belt scales/feeders, vibratory screens/conveyors, bin activators, double flap valves, slide/diverter valves, air/electric vibrators, tramp iron magnets, metal detection, wear resistent elbows.

Williams Patent Crusher pulverizer, also available are crusher/dryer, hammer mill, roll mill, no nif hog
Merrick Industries Weigh Belt

Loading and Unloading

Telescoping loading spouts, truck loadout systems, welded/bolted bulk storage silos, railcar loading/unloading, belt scales, barge loading spouts/chutes.

DCL, dustless loading system dustless material loadout system, typical LECORP system